As I woke up this morning, enjoying my favorite first coffee, Brooke chanted out my usual financial summary I have now become accustomed to. Nothing special nowadays. She beamed up the key figures right in front of me over the kitchen table, all my accounts, my two portfolios, all non-financial assets with derived appraisals on my real estate, my home and holiday appartment, the latest  estimates on my stamp collection, even one on my old books collectables. Nothing had moved significantly lately so Brooke was fairly calm.

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Bitcoin could do to banks what e-mail has done to our postal service



We accepted their jammed keys, their snarled ribbons and their smudgy carbon paper for copies. It was our world, but we knew no better. Fortunately the PC arrived in this absence of logic and our lives changed forever.

Sometimes you need to look afresh at what we take for granted in order to innovate, like how we do banking. Here, bitcoin or more specifically blockchain could do to banks what email has done to our postal service. Perhaps it’s a little before its time, like the Internet before the web browser. But it’s surely not a hype?

Article by James Eagle